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Have you ever felt trapped in the life you’re living? Have you ever felt that you’ve become a prisoner to your job or unhealthy relationships? Perhaps you’ve struggled to make ends meet? You’re not alone! And Lifestyle by Design is for you!

We want to help you design the life you’ve always wanted. The BOOK is a great place to start, and we have lots of TOOLS and resources to help you along the way!

Lifestyle by design isn’t only about financial independence, but it’s about all the other elements of wealth that come along with it! 

  • Time Wealth
  • Freedom to choose how to live your days
  • Happiness and fulfillment
  • Relationship Wealth 
  • Health Wealth 

Don’t wait any longer! Make an investment in yourself today and Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Lifestyle by design isn’t get rich quick. It isn’t about buying a new gimmick.
It’s about Creating the Life You’ve Always Wanted Through Financial

It’s about becoming financially independent and enjoying every moment of life. The movement started when the author, Nelson Camp, started recognizing so many people are waiting for the “next stage” of life rather than enjoying the present moment.

“The goal is to help you have what you want out of life:

 Freedom, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Time.”

The book is designed to meet anyone where they are at and bring them to the next level of success in life – whether that’s financially, in relationships, in health or in happiness.

We encourage you to SHARE YOUR DREAM with us about what type of life you want to create or what type of life you have already created. Sharing your story will help to inspire others!


Looking for some ideas? Some templates to help you start mapping out your success? Look not further than our TOOLS PAGE where you can find some great resources to start.

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